"You have nailed my state of mind. I am so very grateful to you for your guidance in enabling me to open up my thoughts. Thank you. You brought lightness into my present state of mind."

-Nita O., United Kingdom


"I was totally overwhelmed by your reply, you have explained every card so well. You have come across as a very caring person, yet no beating around the bush. You have explained my options so well. I am really grateful for this reading. In all the readings I have had over the years you surpass them all. Thank you once again for a fabulous reading."

-Robyn, New Zealand


"Thank you for taking the time to do this detailed reading for me - it is much appreciated and I definitely give it ten out of ten. I think that your perception of my situation is spot on and it has been really beneficial to see the options outlined this way for me - it has given clarity! Your reading has really helped me to analyse my situation which will definitely help me to make some decisions in order to move forward as I have felt very 'stuck'. Thank you very much once again for the reading, you truly have a gift."

-Angie T., United Kingdom


"Olivia, thank you for your valuable insights. You have helped me realize that I am right where I need to be and the path I am walking is a good one that will offer me rewards if I choose to work hard and take the time to look at the long term."

-Kelly M., USA

"You are spot on with everything that you have said! It is as simple as that! It all tallies very well indeed. Your explanation of how you prepared the reading was thorough and came over with confidence as did the rest of the reading. Everything is in balance and the energy that comes through the reading is very positive. Your interpretations of the cards are thorough and instill confidence, and you weave the reading together in a beautiful way that flows and has life.  I'm most impressed by your reading for me and very happy with it."

-Niall M., United Kingdom


"Olivia, I’m so impressed with your reading and it has helped me enormously: given me both useful pointers and encouragement to do the work I need to do with the belief that I will resolve this ultimately and be the wiser for it. You clearly have a real talent. You’ve picked up on the detail of the situation with remarkable acuity- what a gift! So thank you so much."

-Retta B., United Kingdom


"The reading was right on, and nicely put. Actually everything makes sense, even the part about potential delays.  I know I'll need to look for some creative solutions!"

-J.P., United Kingdom 


"Wow, thank you so much for your reading, it sounds very accurate!  The 10 of Vessels excites me! And I will take the advice of the last card! Thank you again, you have a great gift."

-Nikki D., Australia


"Thank you for the wonderful, and I believe very accurate, tarot reading! I really like the way you interpret each card individually and then together as a whole.  I am very excited to see what the future holds!  Thank you for a wonderful reading!"

-Jacqueline L., USA


"Thank you very much for your reading, I'm really surprised how detailed it was, wow. Your reading was so fine and accurate that I really don't have any other questions - I think you worked really good by linking the meaning of cards with my situation. I gave you a very small amount of information, but your reading was so close to everything that is happening in real life, so I had a feeling that I was reading an e-mail from my close friend or psychologist :) Your reading was very rational and I appreciate that very much, because I have a feeling that you really got a very close insight to my situation. And I think it was one of the best readings (including face to face readings) that I have had in my experience insofar."

-Santa R., Latvia


"Thank you so much Olivia. You have solved all my queries. It was nice talking to you. Sitting at this side also I can feel the positive energy from your side."

-Nilasha C., India


"Thank you Olivia for the reading. It was lengthy and insightful. I will follow your advice."

-Crystal C., USA


"Thank you very much for your help, you are a great tarot reader!  Your reading displayed a lot, you're good, clear and you love what you do, don't you? Thank you, Olivia..."

-Sofia G., Argentina


"I must say you get the cards really well.  And you were more than accurate about my current situation and fears. That is how I feel currently.  Thank you so much for the hope that you gave me.  I really needed it.  Your reading is just perfect."

-Upasna S., India


"Thank you soooooo much for the reading, you hit the nail on the head dead on!! You have a very special gift and will do very well."

-Simone, U.S.A.

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