Interpretation Services

I offer a selection of interpretation services in addition to card readings. If you're interested in pursuing help with interpretation, or have any questions you'd like to ask about this, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs:

Tarot Reading Interpretations

If you're having trouble understanding a Tarot spread, or would like an alternative perspective on your cards, I'm happy to help. Please send me the list of cards and their positions, as well as the question/situation that was originally read on, and we will go from there!

firstearthtarot @

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FREE Nature and Dream Interpretation

If you have an affinity for, frequently notice, or often encounter a certain animal or insect, and feel there is a message there for you that you want to better understand, I can help you explore the connection and its potential meaning to you and your path.

If you've had a dream that you feel holds important significance to you, but are challenged with understanding what the message might be, I can help! I offer this support at no cost.

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