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Hi! My name is Olivia Destrades.  I grew up in a multicultural, multilingual household, and from a young age developed a love and respect for the beauty of working with cards, and for the guidance they offer. My mother's use of divination was my first introduction to this sacred tool, and I began working with cards at the age of 13 - first Oracle and later Tarot, Lenormand, and runes - and have worked steadily to deepen my practice.  I hold a Master's degree in Education and find that my experience in teaching has greatly influenced my manner of reading: I prefer a facilitator-style, which empowers clients by encouraging them to take ownership over their lives and the choices they make.

The indigenous worldview forms the root of how I engage with life, and how I work with my own spirituality. Areas of personal work, experience, initiation and influence stem predominately from: Santería/Lukumí/Ifá, indigenous America, Norse mythology, rootwork and herbal healing.

My principal goal is to give clients messages that provide confirmation, guidance and advice framed in a constructive and caring context. Divination should be an empowering experience! I incorporate aspects of numerology and elemental dignities in order to provide additional layers of meaning for each reading I do, and occasionally draw on the added wisdom of non-Tarot oracles. I look for the story being told through the cards, as the story is the heart of all readings.

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Soy Olivia, y he trabajado con las cartas de oráculo y Tarot desde el ano 1993.  Desde pequeña he tenido muchas experiencias psíquicas muy profundas y a través de las cartas he ido desarrollando mis habilidades a conectar con las energías de mis clientes y proveer interpretaciones precisas y sinceras.

Tengo un master en la educación, específicamente en la enseñanza de ingles, y esta especialización me ha influido la manera de leer las cartas: prefiero ser facilitadora, dando fuerza a mis clientes por medio de apoyarlos a asumir la responsabilidad de las decisiones que toman en su vida.

Principalmente uso las cartas para dar consejos, para guiar, y para dar luz a varias situaciones que se encuentra en la vida. Es importante entender que aunque sea posible ver resultados probables, en fin todo depende de la voluntad y las decisiones de cada persona, y por lo tanto, el futuro puede ser flexible. Para pedir una consulta, visite la pagina "Request a Reading."  Seria un placer trabajar con Usted!

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