Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Our Creator's Image

A few nights ago I had a dream where I found a box in a very well-lit closet. I knew the box held something like a statue or figure that represented Olodumare (God, Goddess, Creator, however you like). I was curious as to how the representation might look, and when I turned the box around I saw different compartments that each held a perfectly detailed model of one of the human senses, made out of some sort of white material. For instance, one was the inside of a mouth, one was an ear.

At first I was confused.

And then I was moved.

The thought floating through my dreamscape was that Olodumare gave us our senses that we might perceive him/her. Simple as that.

And when I thought about it, it was perfect. Olodumare, God, the Creator.... takes no human form. It's not about physical appearances but how we experience the divine spirit that flows through all things.

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Beholding a spectacular sunset that leaves you profoundly thankful....

Feeling a soft breeze on your skin, while simultaneously hearing it rush between tree leaves....

Seeing the sunlight filter through grass, delicately.

The sound of the ocean waves,
the chirp of young birds,
the laughter of children.

The way the river courses over stones, slate and tan,
paper-thin filaments of ice stretching across a window pane.

Gently curling wisps of incense smoke rising ever upward.

The bright reds, oranges, blues, and whites of fire dancing,
piercing the velvet blackness of a dark night.

The scent of rain falling on dusty earth,

and on and on and on.......

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Even Queens Pass Gas

A good sense of humor is critical in life, and that includes when working with the cards. Two nights ago my older daughter came to me and casually asked if I'd pull a card for her. I agreed, as usual, and asked what she wanted to focus on. She said (with a very straight face):

"What would it be like if I ever accidentally farted in class? How would I deal with that??" 

I had to laugh. I asked her if this had ever happened to her before, and she quickly denied it, but it was very apparent that it was a real concern of hers, so I told her I'd pull a card about it, and we'd see what Tarot had to say. I laughed for a second time when I pulled:

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

Before saying anything, I showed the card to her, and she started to chuckle, too. I said, "Well, this Queen certainly seems to be having some indigestion - just look at the cloud she's sitting in! She definitely knows what it's like to fart in class. But look at her face! Do you think she cares? No way - she's all 'Yeah, I farted, so what? You guys are SO immature...'"

My daughter laughed and said, "Yeah, it's perfect! So now I know what to do. If it ever happens to me I'll just be cool and act like it really doesn't matter at all!"

I think that the Tarot has a sense of humor, too. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Taroscopes: February 2015

I skipped January 2015; I was off in the northern lands of the United States, trekking across frozen fields and through icy forests. The internet still doesn't work too well in those parts of the world (fortunately, I think). Yesterday I asked my little daughter to go to my divination bookcase and pick something for me to use for this month's 'scopes. She walked off happily, enjoying this small-yet-important way she would be contributing to my work, and when she came back she handed me the New Orleans Voodoo Tarot. That's my girl.

Happy feast day of Oya, Happy Imbolc, Happy post-Superbowl, Happy February!

New Orleans Voodoo Tarot
S. Glassman, L. Martinié

Capricorn - Petro Hounsis: If things aren't blossoming the way you'd hoped with a special project or even a relationship, take a step back and consider what can be adjusted or improved upon. Reconnect to your sense of self, your spirit center, and consider how you can best express your unique purpose and intention in this world.

Aquarius - 9 Petro: The pressure is on and the kitchen is heating up, but you've got the reserves to see your tasks through to completion. You've already been here, in one way or another. Know that you can do it again.

Pisces - 7 Rada: You're getting a sense of sharp reality, and coming to terms with how to move forward with your life. The truth can hurt, but in this case difficult knowledge will help you create a better, healthier world for you to thrive in.

Aries - 7 Congo: This month pay attention to what attracts and entices you. What possibilities hold real value, and which are best left by the wayside? The first step to finding out is to tune into the source of your own desires and motivations.

Taurus - 3 Santería: February 2nd is Oya's feast day, and this card represents her energy - lucky you! You've got ample power to turn projects out this month, and in matters that bring you together with others, things are likely to go smoothly. If you confront any bumps in the road, reach out for help - you'll receive it.

Gemini - Possession: In a sense, this card is about self-possession, which will be the key energy for you this month. Tap into your abundant inner strength to power through all of the circumstances that come your way in February. Grace and confidence will be your best friends.

Cancer - Secret Societies: If the scales are feeling a bit off this month, consider how you can work to right them again. Sometimes it takes just a commitment to truth and a willingness to do things a little differently.

Leo - Ti Bon Ange: If you're feeling drained, take some time to reflect on how well you're balancing out the different areas of your life. Are you working so much that you don't have enough time for self care? Are you emotionally invested in something that isn't showing much return? Whatever it is, discover what is true for you, and consider ways to act positively on it.

Virgo - 10 Rada: This month the key term is "paradigm shift." One door closes, but trust that it's always so that another door can open. Take care of yourself, and make sure to get enough sleep!

Libra - Couché: You may feel the desire to step back from the world this month in order to spend some time exploring your rich inner landscape. Listen to and honor your need for introspection, and use the self-knowledge you gain to enrich your outer world - you may have valuable perspectives to share with others.

Scorpio - 7 Petro: Stand by your own point of view this month, and know that you have ideas worth being heard by others. The first step is to know what you want - the second step is going after it.

Sagittarius - Z'Etoile: You have a star shining over your head this month, raining hope and love down on your head. Open your arms and dance in the clarity and positivity that is manifest in your life, and look for ways that you can share your own light with the world.