Thursday, July 2, 2015

3 of Pentacles: Bringing It All Together

I've been on a vacation of sorts for the past week. It started with a road trip through the southeast; first the endless highway pecan signs through southern Georgia, then into the rolling, verdant hills at the Tennessee border. Kentucky's wide open curvaceousness gave way to the flat farmland of Indiana. Eventually the landscape transitioned into the countryside of Michigan, replete with deep pine greens shot through with birch-white.

I drove straight into the arms of my children and extended family. Overall it's been a great visit, and I've had the opportunity to see many old friends, and bask in the glory of a crisp, almost Fall-like, northern summer. I haven't had a lot of time to pull daily cards, but I'm in a momentary lull (in part due to having picked up a light cold, unfortunately!) and so I made some time to pull a card from the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA this afternoon:
Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA
J. Turk
It's not lost on me that the image on this 3 of Pentacles is so particularly fitting. Blogging is a regular practice for me - part of important work that I do, and a way in which I connect with community.  It's been thrown a bit off-course for me since embarking on my voyage, and I'm finally carving out a special place for it in the midst of all the movement going on around me. So the depiction of a person typing away at the computer is a perfect reflection of what I'm doing right at this moment!

The 3 of Pentacles also calls forth the idea of working with a team to produce results. It's interesting how that manifests on vacation time with the extended family! Everyone has particular needs, varying expectations, and a multitude of different ideas about how to execute mutual plans. Communication isn't always crystal clear, and flexibility is essential, but somehow things just seem to come together in the end!

How well do you work with others?
What practices create the foundation of your day?
In what ways do you embrace flexibility in the context of group projects?

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  1. I am happy to hear your vacation was such a great experience. It must have felt so good to hold your kids in you arms again.
    This three of Pentacles doesn't convey much team work to me, but more our own individual creativity. Often this card is my "Get of your bum" card and start doing something creative; anything creative
    My blogging and journal writing are for me both strong foundations of my day. I enjoy them, they fulfill me and are relaxing as well.
    A day without writing is a day not lived. :D