Saturday, June 6, 2015

Calling On Ancestral Wisdom

A couple of weeks ago I was working with my runes, and I asked them to describe the principal influence that my santo/Ángel Guardián, Obatalá, has in my life. I pulled Ansuz which was just so beautiful and fitting. Ansuz is the breath of life, clarity of mind, the whisper of the ancestors, guidance from above, communication. It governs the more mundane aspects of receiving advice from older, more experienced people. In short, it's perfect.

Several days later I decided to pull a rune on the question: "When facing times of trouble, what is the best way to work through it?" I pulled none other than Ansuz! Again, this involves opening ourselves to the wisdom of mentors, those who have "been there, done that." But more than that it spoke to me of the guiding light of our ancestors, the constant presence of the spirits and saints that support us and are always there to help us - we need only ask, and open our hearts and minds.
Halloween Oracle
Stacey Demarco/Jimmy Manton
This morning I decided to pull a card from the Halloween Oracle, and drew: The Veil - The Future.

This card, like Ansuz, represents the closeness of our ancestors - that though we may not be able to see them through the veil, they are often near, and they want to help us realize our plans and find peace and satisfaction. Once we focus our intentions on our goals and are able to visualize the future we want to have, we are better able to work toward manifesting it, and our ancestors will be there to guide us along the way.

I love this; it's a concept dear to my heart. I often feel these wise, loving presences around me, and it gives me great comfort and a sense of steadfast friendship, no matter what challenges or joys I'm facing, like knowing and feeling that your hand is being firmly held, even though you can't see it!


  1. Beautiful post Olivia ! I especially appreciated the last sentence :)
    For me it is a comforting idea knowing I am always loved and watched over. Not in a way that nothing can happen to me but that I always can find the strength to face it. I don't know exactly how I would call this presence in my life yet. but I think it doesn't matter that much, because it is all coming all from the same source.

    1. Olivia DestradesJune 9, 2015 at 9:22 AM

      Thank you, Ellen! :) It is very comforting to know that we always have company. And you're right - identifying a name for it is not so important as experiencing its presence in our lives :)