First Earth Tarot: January 2014

So after an over-extended break due to the holidays, I’m back with the Taroscopes! I will note, however, that this will be the last weekly ‘scope I do – starting next week I’ll start doing monthly forecasts! I used the Deviant Moon Tarot (Patrick Valenza) for today. So here we go:

Capricorn – High Priestess reversed: All I have to say is – listen to that little voice that’s trying to talk to you. If you’re struggling with doubts about your intuition, or simply ignoring it altogether, it’s time to embrace your gift, and listen closely to the wisdom it’s trying to pass on to you this week! Trust in yourself, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Aquarius – 6 of Wands: You’re on top of the world this week! You’ll be gettin’ ‘er done, and people will be noticing, which is probably not a bad place for you to be. Take a moment this week to acknowledge your own successes – they don’t always come easily, and you deserve a “pat on the back!”

Pisces – Ace of Swords: Clarity, focus, and fortitude will come in handy this week. It might be a time to consider new approaches and fresh perspectives on whatever’s occupying your mind and your time – you might just have one of those rare-yet-valuable “ah hah” moments!

Aries – 5 of Cups reversed: Yes, Aries, it’s time to shift your focus from what wasn’t working so well to all the positive things you still have at your disposal. S*** happens, but it won’t keep you down for long. Be good to yourself and revive your optimism this week!

Taurus – 8 of Swords reversed: Breathe that fresh air that comes from a change in perspective! You’re the only one that’s truly capable of keeping yourself in a box, and you may start to challenge your own self-set limitations this week and reach for something new. Baby steps, you will do well!

Gemini – Page of Pentacles reversed: Consider if more planning needs to happen before you jump into that new job or school program. If things are feeling a bit beyond your grasp, what can you change/improve/enhance in order to reach your goal? Remember, don’t just focus on what seems cool today – keep the longer-term vision in mind as your move forward!

Cancer – Star: Ooo, nice card, Cancer! Your week will have a lovely, positive energy to it that will overflow from your being and reach outward to motivate others to pursue their own enjoyment. If you have something special in your plans this week, you’re going to find it quite pleasant – in fact just maybe you’ll uncover the missing piece to the puzzle that will suddenly inspire you onward.

Leo – Judgment reversed: Change is good and the best way to invite it in is to take a moment to really look back over what you’ve accomplished so far, and what it’s taught you. Altering recipes to suit your own tastes really is okay – don’t let nagging doubts keep you from trying something new this week.

Virgo – Hierophant: Your week will probably be focused on your role in the community, whether it’s your job, church, or even an extra-curricular activity like post-work softball. If you’ve been thinking about reading up on a new card-reading method, this would be a fantastic week to go for it – seek out guidance from others who have been-there-done-that and you should learn a lot.

Libra – 9 of Pentacles reversed: This is a great week to focus on those little things that really satisfy your soul. Take time to enjoy a cup of tea (or a shot of single-malt scotch). Yes, work must get done, just don’t forget to balance it out by enjoying yourself a little bit as well. What do feel you most need to do to nourish yourself? Figure it out, and find a way to make it happen! Also, consider an outing with friends to break-up your week.

Scorpio – Sun reversed: If you experience any set-backs or obstacles to your work or relationships, just remember that it won’t last too long, and you’ll be back on top of things again before you know it. Create a reasonable plan of action and you may see your difficulties fall to the wayside more easily than you were expecting. If you’re getting tired of gray skies and snow and ice, don’t forget that the first day of Spring is only 1.5 months away!

Sagittarius – Queen of Swords: Handle your business with kind reason this week. Do what is necessary, say what needs to be said, and you should do pretty well – just remember to have fun with it, and make time for a good, hearty laugh!

Deviant Moon Tarot – P. Valenza
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