The Tarot Told Me So

I do casual readings often, for myself or for my loved ones, on many evenings during my “down time.” The other night I decided to do a short reading on whether or not I could look forward to a promotion in my “day job” any time soon.  To give some back story, I have a great teaching position, the work is interesting, I enjoy helping my students improve their language proficiency, and I enjoy being involved in the wider campus community working on events or collaborating with other departments.  My department manager has given me great reviews, and has told me that she’d love to be able to give me a more senior position at some point… the thing is, “some point” is pretty vague.  I know that the economy isn’t great, and last year the school placed a temporary hold on new hires for that reason. In addition, the recent government shut-down meant that a lot of students didn’t have access to their financial aid, and the number of newly enrolled students for last semester decreased dramatically.  So I haven’t been overly optimistic about the possibility of “movin’ on up,” despite the energy I’m investing, and the projects I’m involved with.  Nevertheless…why not take a look and see what the cards have to say? I used my Halloween deck (Karin Lee, Kipling West; U.S. Games), and this is what I received: The summary of the message: “Yeahhhhhhhhhh…  Ain’t gonna happen, sorry!” The 7 of Imps acknowledges that I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to improve my department, expand and develop projects, get involved cross-departmentally, etc.  I also get the sense from this card of my colleagues all standing in a line, trudging along.  I’m going with them, fumbling our way towards some imprecise goal (the house in the distance).  But I’m trying to go beyond that, to see the big vision for what we’re trying to do, and sometimes I kind of feel like I don’t “fit in” in various ways. Also, intra-departmental communication has been a challenge over the past year, and I often feel that I’m swimming against the current. The 8 of Pumpkins reversed…..yeah, so basically I’m putting a lot of dedication and time into something that may not provide the ultimate rewards and benefits that I hope to see.  I do enjoy the work I’m doing, but there may not be the ability for forward movement in the near future.  I’ve spent a lot of energy creating new levels of our tiered program, developing new courses, improving my own understanding of my field along the way…and all of that is good, but it may not imply that all of that will bear the fruit I’d like to see.  One example is that a colleague and I were accepted to present at an international conference, very high-profile in our field.  It would be a wonderful way to show others what we’re doing, and to get some attention for our department’s projects, but our school doesn’t support its faculty in attending and presenting at any conferences…which does seem counterproductive…and yet there’s nothing that I can really do to change that, as it’s very institutionalized. The 6 of Imps reversed is the anti-money card.  In its upright position this is often the “You will get a promotion or raise” card.  So it’s extremely fitting that I should see it in this spread, and receive the news that it’s not likely to occur any time soon! 🙂 So it’s nice to have the confirmation that what I’ve felt to be the likely path of things is probably going to indeed head in that direction.  The benefit is that it encourages me to consider my current position, and what my future goals are.  Where do I want to be in a few years’ time?  Will this particular job continue to fulfill me over the long-term?  Will the lack of upward movement end up being a detriment, or will I be able to work with it?  All good food for thought 🙂