When Something Doesn’t Feel “Right”

I’ve been thinking more about the ways in which our intuition plays into our reading of cards (and any other divination tool). First of all, I believe that all human beings are intuitive – it’s not a skill unique to a select few, though some pay more attention to it, and work to develop it more actively. I use reversals when I read, and I enjoy reading in that manner. I feel reversals provide other ways of adding depth and meaning to a card.  But using reversals is not a substitute for intuition. I’ve done many readings where the outcome card seems positive. It’s a good card, not reversed, but it doesn’t feel “right” to me. I’ll give an example:

Deviant Moon Tarot/P. Valenza
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One time I’d done a relationship reading and the final card, the upright King of Pentacles, seemed pretty positive – perhaps the culmination of the relationship, or the decision made by the male partner to fully commit to the querent. But it didn’t feel right. What I felt was that he would become fully committed, and perhaps work on being a family man… just not with her. So I relayed that message to my client, who was a little confused by my interpretation of the final card. Some time later she let me know that indeed that guy had disappeared and entirely extracted himself from the tenuous relationship. So why didn’t the King of Pentacles show up reversed? Well, I actually don’t think the guy was a bad guy, and I don’t want to explain the background of the client’s situation due to privacy issues, but the guy in question had some decisions to make, and the decisions he made might not have been ideal for the client, but they weren’t bad choices. People are complicated. Just think of yourself – the diversity of thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions, desires, and motivations that you have. Divination picks up on all of that – not just the client’s, but important people in the client’s life and concerns as well – (and in very complex situations can take some time to disentangle for the reader) so intuition will always be a critical asset to reading for others, even providing some surprising twists that appear to go against intellectual judgment.