Full Moon in Gemini: Bonding the Self

This morning I felt drawn to pull a few daily (or – moment -) cards from the Earthbound Oracle. As I laid them out they wove a clear story before me, and engaged with their tale I decided to take a look at the “shadow” card at the bottom of the deck – Luna – fitting for today’s full moon.
But the cards, the central line of three, had much to say about where I’m at right now that also flowed with the fact that today’s full moon is in Gemini…..

Death – Bond – Self

On the left, reflecting where I’ve been of late, Death symbolizes the deep transformations that have been flowing through my life on so many levels. The lemniscate over the third eye speaks to the endless cycles that we can perceive most clearly when we still our Selves. I like how purple ribbons curl upward, new sight being revealed. In many ways I am indeed experiencing new sight – a new way of “looking” at the intangible world, and even a new way of viewing and interacting with my environment at work due to a change in position. And just visible behind the skull, a full moon glows…..

To the right there lies the Self, an eye opened outward. When I was preparing for my recent interview I pulled a card from this deck to help me focus on my approach, and it was Self. Let them see your heart. Be you. And so that is what I did. And it was good. But now I am exploring new aspects of my Self. I have always felt that I was more an “individual” – not a follower, not necessarily a leader, but, well, perhaps a loner, though that carries a slightly negative connotation that I don’t love. Yet I am a leader now. What does that mean to me, about me, for me? How does that impact my own sense of self? What natural characteristics will I cultivate and nurture and strengthen through embracing this new role?

In the center is Bond, bringing together Death and Self. The image appears to be an atom with an acorn nucleus and leafy electrons swirling about. Electrons have a negative charge and are bound to the atom’s nucleus which is made of protons (with a positive charge) and neutrons (which have no charge at all). Opposites attract: how appropriate! And there is that the acorn, the seed of change, that tiny emissary of life that with just the right amount of rainfall, sunlight, oxygen and nutrients will grow ever stronger, up up into an oak tree. Change brings new sight, brings new possibilities. Change is one of our only constants in life, as ironic as it is, and change offers us new ways of understanding ourselves. (Funny, then, – or synchronistic – that I chose the 2 of Pentacles from two different decks this morning!) 😉

Tonight’s full moon is in Gemini, and About.com describes it as a time of: 

“de-coding language; observing social trends; wearing many hats; the view from all sides; shaking up reality; playing tricks with perception; fascinating fragments of style and culture; getting the cosmic joke; being contradictory”


In my own time of bonding I am standing on a precipice looking both downward and upward. I see from where I’ve come; and I see that there is more ahead, though I may not be able to make out the details. I am no longer who I was, and yet I haven’t entirely become who I will be. Sacred space. Ancient and natural. The current turns back on itself, as it always will, and yet never returns to the same place.