Get Off the Couch, Potato!

Today is the New Moon, and last night I pulled cards around what I should release and embrace for the next two weeks, as the moon moves back toward its luminous fullness:

What to release: Ace of Wands “Stimulation”

What to embrace: 8 of Cups (reversed) “Seclusion”

Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA
J. Turk

This pair spoke so clearly to me about my current state of affairs that I burst out laughing. My children are off spending time with their grandparents in the north country, and my husband has just left for a few weeks abroad, so I am alone. For the past two days I have not left the house; I’ve laid around the house watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Honestly I haven’t known quite what to do with myself. This card pair contains a couple of relevant layers of meaning. 

First of all, I see the single person on the Ace, and the reversed 8 of Cups with the boat which would be moving back toward the crowd of people rather than away from it. This tells me that I should try to not be a complete recluse while I have my alone time. It’s good to putter around the house sometimes, but I need to get out and breathe the air as well. To take a walk through the neighborhood, to go the bookstore and browse books with a cup of coffee. 

On the other hand, both cards point to the need to slow down. The 8 of Cups tells me I have a valuable opportunity for some inner exploration and journeying now that I have this rare time alone. Rather than spending my days looking for things to engage (or distract!) my attention (TV, ahem) I perhaps would make better use of my time taking advantage of the quiet and peace to sort through my own interior world (which could certainly benefit from some attention and nurturing). There is a lot of change unfolding in my life, and reflecting on where I’ve come from, and where I’m headed, is a great way to spend a few days.

The good thing is that I can weave both layers of advice together. A stroll through the neighborhood gets me out of the house, but it’s also a great way to practice walking meditation which is good for the soul. Going to the bookstore puts me in a public setting, but it gives me leisurely time to look at books, think, ponder, and sip coffee. There is nothing I “have to do”, which is a special gift, because it allows me to focus on what “is.”

May your New Moon be rich and full of joy!