First Earth Tarot: March 2014

I’m doing things a little bit differently this month – instead of using a RWS-based deck I’m using my new (and already dearly beloved) New Orleans Voodoo Tarot (click here to read my review). It’s March 1st, and in Florida it’s a wickedly splendid, dry, cool, sunny and breezy day. The snow, ice and gray in northern lands won’t last much longer – it’s countdown to Spring time! So here we go (and aren’t you so very happy that Mercury Retrograde is over??):

New Orleans Voodoo Tarot

Capricorn – Hounsis Rada

: It’s time to turn ideas into reality. Plans are good, and so are questions, but it’s time to breathe life into them so they can start to manifest. If you feel scattered, take time to regather your thoughts, and then move right on forward!

Aquarius – 1 Petro (Damballah la Flambeau): Raw fire energy flows through you this month. While we’re out of Mercury retrograde, you might be frustrated, feeling that your path forward keeps meeting resistance. Slow down, and remember to breath!

Pisces – Houngan Petro: People will be following your lead this month and you may have a clearer than usual sense of power and direction in everything you tackle. Own that!

Aries – 6 Congo (Shi-li-bo Nouvavou/Dan-i): Joy and satisfaction will be important elements of the month ahead. Drawing on your deepest soul urges and your ancestral ties, you’ll find any kinks in your path working themselves right on out.

Taurus – 5 Rada (Ogoun Ferraille): Don’t be your own worst enemy this month! If one door closes, know that another will open, and that there is always a way to find peace amidst the chaos. Sometimes you just have to let go and ride the waves to see where they take you.

Gemini – Les Barons (Wild Card): It’s simple: expect the unexpected this month! Great change, with a light-hearted twist, is the energy the Barons bring you.

Cancer – 4 Rada (Agw√©): Inner peace in the face of turmoil will be your greatest friend this month. Let go (I know that’s far easier said than done) and let the wind pull you through each challenge, trusting that things will be okay when all is said and done.

Leo – 6 Petro (Legba la Flambeau): Tap into your abundant creative energy this month and let it guide you. You’ll find things falling together nicely this month, as challenges move aside!

Virgo – La Place Rada: Slow down your mental energies this month. When you feel the urge to rush ahead with plans, thoughts, ideas or opinions, remind yourself that clarity, focus, and discretion are your allies. It was the tortoise (not the hare!) that won the race.

Libra – Houngan Rada: The best direction lies within your higher mind. If your environment isn’t providing the clarity you need to tackle important decisions, take time out for quiet and meditation, and see where it leads you.

Scorpio – Mambo Congo: Don’t forget to take care of yourself this month. If you experience emotional ups and downs, be gentle and loving to yourself. Your spiritual North Star is within you, guiding you even when you’re feeling lost!

Sagittarius – X Market: You might feel like you’re on a roller coaster this month, always wondering “what’s next??” Fortunately most of what transpires should be sweeping you in a positive direction. If you find yourself all over town (or Amazon) looking for ways to spend that tax return, just remember to spend wisely and focus on the things you most want and need. You never know where the wheel will take you next, and it pays to be prepared!

Happy March, everyone, especially for those in the further north, whose eyes are fixed on that first day of Spring! Visit First Earth Tarot’s website!