First Earth Tarot: June 2014

The title this month is a little misleading, since I felt drawn to use an oracle instead of a Tarot deck! I’d consider changing it to “oraclescopes” but…that’s just awkward. This month I’ve pulled a card from the Druid Animal Oracle for each astrological sign. This is a wonderful deck by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Will Worthington, and pulls on animal wisdom from knowledge gleaned from the ancient Druids of the British Isles:

June 2014 Taroscopes: Druid Animal Oracle
P. and S. Carr-Gomm/W. Worthington

Capricorn – Cat:

Don’t let anyone rush you into making decisions before you’re ready this month. Take your time, observe, and weigh out all aspects of your options. When you feel truly prepared – act!

Aquarius – Hind: Go deep this month. Move past the “effect”, and consider the “cause”. It may be time to take your spiritual studies to the next level.

Pisces – Seal: Listen to your heart and the promptings of your spirit this month. What is your higher self trying to tell you? Healing will come through accepting and acknowledging your true feelings, and honoring your needs.

Aries – Hawk: Perspective is the key word for June. Looking at events in your life using a wide-angle lens will help you put things in their appropriate places. What are you hanging onto that no longer serves you? Let the small stuff go, and honor where you are now.

Taurus – Ram: Slow and steady wins the race this month. It may at times seem that things move “too” slowly, but with patience and dedication you’ll put yourself in the best position to get ahead with your goals.

Gemini – Adder: Like a snake shedding its skin, the Adder acknowledges the change and transformation that is taking place in your life at this time. Remember that while change can be scary, it’s inevitable, and simply part of the ebb and flow of the universe.

Cancer – Bear: This month you’re called to embrace your deep power, tempering and guiding it with your profound sense of intuition. It’s the harmony and balance of strength mixed with inner knowing that will serve you best.

Leo – Cow: You don’t have to be in any special place or use any special tools to connect with the Goddess – she’s all around you, she moves through you, and she’s present in every bit of the abundance that surrounds you. When you feel in need of her protection or support, simply close your eyes and ask.

Virgo – Earth Dragon: This powerful dragon teaches that your greatest source of wealth and potential is within you, and can be accessed any time you choose – you just have to recognize it! You are capable of so many amazing things. Time to show the world what you got!

Libra – Air Dragon: Wow, two Dragons in a row! With Air Dragon in your cards this month, be prepared for exciting and invigorating new insights that may change how you’re approaching a situation or project in your life. You may even receive a visitor or two!

Scorpio – Salmon: Go to the spa this month. Or treat yourself to a weekend retreat. Spend a full day at the library reading your favorite books, or return to a family home for a special, relaxing get-away. This card is about nurturing and cultivating your inner wisdom – inspiration often comes when we’re at our greatest ease!

Sagittarius – Fox: This month, focus on how you can strategize and plan most effectively for the big projects or happenings in your life. Diplomacy will go far toward helping you meet your goals, without sacrificing your needs and desires.

Happy June to all!