First Earth Tarot: July 2014

Whew! Okay. June was a whirlwind that I’ll try to blog about soon, and I’m writing this post from far away from my normal abode. A day late, but here they are! I’m sitting with a cup of steaming coffee (in a hand painted mug from Spanish Harlem) listening to the wind blow through the northern maple trees and red pines. The hottest month of the year has just begun, but today the temperature won’t surpass 70 degrees – a welcome shift, in my book! For this month I’ve used a new deck – Tarot de St. Croix – that is really quite rich, sweet, and hits all the right places. Not sweet as in whimsical or cute – sweet like the sweet spot on a baseball bat. So here we go…..

Tarot de St. Croix, by Lisa de St. Croix

Capricorn – Hierophant: You may choose to break away from the traditions that provide a lot of structure for your life, or you may be called to think differently. There may be both ups and downs associated with this. What will you do with this new sense of freedom?

Aquarius – 3 of Pentacles: Create the space you need to nurture yourself this month, even if it seems to go against the grain. If working with others doesn’t seem to be going smoothly, be patient and focused within yourself first – then see how that translates to the outside world.

Pisces – 8 of Swords: It’s time to think differently, to break free and allow those chains to fall to the wayside so you can fly away. Breathe deeply, enjoy that sweet air!

Aries – 8 of Pentacles: You’ll be a busy bee in July, working and toiling, and brick-by-brick manifesting your goals. Success will be yours, even if it takes a while to achieve!

Taurus – Temperance: If you feel a bit off-center this month, take a step back and give yourself time and space to regain your footing. Inner peace will by nature help establish outer peace.

Gemini – 5 of Pentacles: It’s the hottest month of the year and yet you may feel a bit out in the cold. Help and support is there, if you look in the right places. Chin up.

Cancer – 3 of Cups: You may enjoy yourself too much this month! Too much fun and movement can actually wear you down, so plan ahead for self-care, and enjoy yourself!

Leo – 9 of Cups: Spend time this month focusing on what makes you happy, what satisfies you, and work on inviting those energies into your life. Count your many blessings!

Virgo – 4 of Swords: Rest and healing are your tasks this month – not bad! Work on your garden, meditate, journal, drink tea. Be gentle with yourself!

Libra – Ace of Wands: A spark of life descends upon you in July. New creative forces are taking hold and promising new, vibrant opportunities.

Scorpio – King of Cups: You may have a great man in your life who will figure large this month! Otherwise your task for July is to: be kind and receive kindness; be strong and appreciate strength; be patient and promote patience; heal and be healed!

Sagittarius – Tower: Big changes, realizations and shifts will move through your life this month. Hang on for the ride, and trust that all this movement is taking you to a better and stronger place!

Be well and find joy in July!