First Earth Tarot: January 2015

In early December I held a 9-hour novena vigil for St. Expedite (he’s the saint of quickness, therefore it’s not 9 days, like many other vigils tend to be!). I wrote a post about the spread that I derived from my experience (you can access it by clicking here) and in this post I want to share the actual reading that I did using the guiding questions that I developed based on each hour’s set of prayers. Rather than cleaning up my notes, I am simply transcribing the precise thoughts that I jotted down when I was in the depths of the experience, unedited, and qualifier-free.

1) How can I experience faith more fully?

5 of Cups reversed. Strength through healing emotional sadness and disappointment. Consider the times I was sad and regretful, and how those situations turned out to be positive in ways I couldn’t imagine at the time. Then you see how everything truly does happen for a reason – there is order.

8 of Disks, Thoth Tarot

2) How can I work to manifest my hopes in the world?

8 of Pentacles. Everything takes time, don’t forget. Dedicate yourself, learn, build your skills over time, know that little sacrifices will pay off in the long run. Build a foundation under the sun, and keep it fertilized. Be sensible, and be willing to put forth the effort. Cultivate your power.

3) How can I rise above the limitations or bonds of material reality in order to live my purest truth?

Universe reversed. Don’t settle. You can reach material “comfort” and still not be fulfilled. Upright, this is a card of synthesis, everything coming together. Until you feel complete, until you are satisfied that you’ve embraced your true calling and are following your path, be open to change. Be clear minded and have the strength to see truth, and to cut away what isn’t working.

4) What is my greatest source of strength?

The Sun. Joy, a light always lit. Happiness. My children.

Thoth Tarot; Crowley/Harris

5) How can I release attachments to expectations, outcomes, and desires?

Death reversed. Realizing that it all comes down to how we deal with and embrace change. When we have our sights set on something and it doesn’t happen, we have to let go, and if we don’t want to, or can’t, we feel pain. We limit our ability to evolve, to be spiritually prosperous, when we resist differences and transitions. We have to change on the inside, alter our worldview, and give the ultimate release. Death is all about letting go.

6) How can I most effectively deal with negative emotions so that they don’t hold me hostage?

King of Wands. Expression. Flow – this King isn’t afraid to engage others. Being true to yourself, representing your truth, and being willing to take risks. Focused feeling – expressive but not out of control. Owning your experience. Being honest about your feelings, and willing to confront others when necessary. Comfortable in your own skin. Don’t let negative feelings own you or dampen your fire to create, and to succeed.

Thoth Tarot; Crowley/Harris

7) How can I best seek guidance from my higher power?

Queen of Wands reversed. Inner confidence and humility. It’s not so much about reaching out, but reaching in.

8) In what manner can I share my good intentions with the world?

6 of Swords. Helping others transition from difficulty to peace and well-being. Showing how to turn a negative into a positive. Objectivity. Seeing the good. Healing.

9: How can I be my best self, no matter the circumstances?

3 of Wands. Virtue. Realization of hope, creative fire, embracing my Will, self-possession, achievement. Energy working in alignment toward the same goal. Being true to myself. Understanding the responsibility of leadership.