First Earth Tarot: December 2014

The glory and chaos of December is upon us once again! If you are one of those people that rejects the entire season for how commercial it’s become, just remember that it only has to be as commercial as you make it. Turn off the T.V., light some candles, read ancient tales in front of the fireplace, and decorate your home with handmade embellishments (remember the old cranberry-and-popcorn garlands??). The soul of this time of year is ever-present, sometimes you just have to dig a little extra to find it! For this month I’ve decided to use my Viking Cards (by Gudrün Bergmann and Ölafur Gudlaugsson), so technically these are oraclescopes, not Taroscopes, but I thought the energy of this deck would be a nice complement to the season. So here we go!

Viking Cards
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Capricorn – Sagas:

December is a great month for honoring the knowledge you’ve cultivated over the years. Don’t underestimate your experience, capabilities, and know-how. Next time you grab for a book, or look to an expert in search of the “right way,” remember that you yourself are a deep well of wisdom.

Aquarius – Bull: Satisfaction is a state of mind. Though you may not have every last thing you might wish for, you’re able to understand that you’re taken care of in the most important ways. This month, honor all the abundance that is present in your life.

Pisces – Hearth: Be sure to balance your care-taking tendencies this month. December is a busy time, and in the busy-ness it’s important to make time to care for yourself as well as for others. Don’t leave yourself out of the equation!

Aries – Sword: It’s time to let go of a person, place, mindset, or habit that has been keeping you tightly bound, and you may be feeling rather reticent about dealing with things. Baby steps are a great way to start. As you let go of the elements in your life that have felt restrictive, the relief you feel will help keep you headed down that positive path.

Taurus – Huginn & Muninn: Everything in your life serves as a message of one sort or another: when your body is satisfied, you feel full, and you know to stop eating. When relationships struggle, you know that “something” isn’t working, and can take time to address it. Your life is sending you many important messages at this time aimed at helping you to raise your quality of life. This month, make a point to listen!

Gemini – Council: If you find yourself on the threshold of big-decision-making, be sure to talk things out with friends, allies, and experts, so that you’re as informed as you can be. Then, make your choice and don’t beat yourself up about it. At best you’ll see positive results, and at worst, you can revisit and revise at a later date. Trust!

Cancer – Giant: As you reclaim and heal aspects of your Self that were damaged as a child, you’ll find a sense of balance that refreshes you within, and provides the fortitude and security necessary to move forward on your path. The Giant will protect you as you do this critical work.

Leo – Helmet: You are where you are in life largely due to the decisions you’ve made. If you’re not happy with any aspect of your current situation, you have the power to do things differently in the future. Cultivate patience and wisdom, and be kind to yourself.

Virgo – Sleipnir: You may experience some anxieties related to the shifts and changes unfolding in your life. Try to release your hold on “what should be,” and open yourself to “what is.” You will be amazed at how relieving it feels to let go of expectations.

Libra – Eagle: Use December for reflection and assessment. Sometimes when you’re surrounded by the many distractions of everyday life, it’s easy to lose track of the long view of things. Where are you headed? Does it match up with your desires and plans? How are your decisions impacting your path forward?

Scorpio – Armor: In order to love others you must love and honor yourself first. Are you protecting yourself from deeper emotional connection due to anxieties or concerns? Is your fear of being vulnerable preventing you from engaging with others? This December consider how you can value yourself, and share yourself with other people.

Sagittarius – Mjölnir: You have the opportunity to experience positive changes in perspective this month. If you keep a journal, this would be a great time to make ample use of it – don’t let your thoughts, ideas, or musings escape you this month! The first step in manifestation is awareness.

Finally, the summary card for December is: the Libelous Pole.

This month it’s important to consider how to nurture communication with others. Be as open, honest, kind, and diplomatic as you can, and if others don’t reciprocate, let it be – that’s on them, not you. Be the best person you can, and spread your joy to the world! Happy December, everyone! May peace and love prevail.