Taroscopes for November 2014

Yes, it happened! The November 2014 Taroscopes have materialized after a long and lovely Samhain/Halloween weekend. I hope that each and every one of you enjoyed the holiday, whether you spent it honoring your ancestors, accompanying little ones on candy expeditions, at costume parties, or alone at home with a cup of tea and good movie (or perhaps all of the above!). This month we in the United States count down to November 27th, our Thanksgiving celebration, the next large festival on the national calendar. I love autumn and its string of wonderful gatherings; its a magical time of year no matter what part of the country you happen to call home! For this month’s ‘scopes I felt the Tarot De St. Croix calling my name (almost literally!). This lovely deck was created by Lisa De St. Croix, and each card features one of her colorful and captivating paintings. So without further ado……

Tarot De St. Croix – Lisa De St. Croix

Capricorn – Empress:

This is a month to consider ways you can make space for abundance in your life. If deep down you aren’t satisfied, put your busy thoughts and apprehensions aside for a moment and focus on determining what will feed your soul. Choose happiness.

Aquarius – Page of Cups: Emotional healing is a path, and you have to start somewhere. Accept baby steps – they are still progress! You may receive pleasant news this month that will warm your heart.

Pisces – 9 of Cups: Make yourself a priority this month. If you’re used to giving, giving, giving, don’t forget to tend to your own needs and boundaries. With each decision you make, consider how the result will impact your own ability to embrace joy.

Aries – Sun: Give thanks this month for all the positives flowing through your life (and what a perfect month for it, as in a few weeks we formally celebrate gratitude!). Share your blessings with others, even if simply by smiling at strangers.

Taurus – King of Cups: This king utilizes natural kindness, wisdom, and diplomacy to navigate through the natural ups and downs of life, and is an excellent example of emotional strength and understanding. Consider how you might embody the energy of the King of Cups this month.

Gemini – Knight of Swords: Slow down. Don’t put the cart before the horse. Breathe. Think things through carefully before you take action.

Cancer – 2 of Cups: You may find yourself thoroughly enjoying your partner this month. Make the most of it, embrace it, drink it up with abandon! Love is a wondrous thing. If you’re flying solo these days, you might just meet someone that passes inspection.

Leo – Emperor: If you’re resisting the structure in your life this month, consider whether there is some benefit in playing by the rules, at least for a little while. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Virgo – Magician: This is a great month to “go for it” – you’ll impress others and the tide is likely to turn in your favor. You have a lot going for you, so take advantage of that energy!

Libra – 4 of Swords: This is a “you” month, time for contemplation, healing, and inner focus. What do you want, what do you need, and how can you move forward while honoring your truth? Enjoy some solitude; embrace it!

Scorpio – 2 of Pentacles: It seems ironic that stability should come from fluctuation, but it can – as long as you strike the right balance. You can do it, and even enjoy yourself in the process.

Sagittarius – 5 of Swords: Time to let the past go. Whatever wasn’t working probably isn’t going to resolve itself to your satisfaction, but you can still find a way forward. As soon as you stop beating your head against the brick wall you’ll notice a door waiting to be opened.

The summary card for the month of November is the Hanged Man. Sacrifices – even small ones – can often lead to significant reward. What can you release this month? How might a shift of perspective help you see a situation with new eyes, and a new appreciation?

May your November be blessed!