Kenaz and the Knight of Fire

My blogging friend Ellen, from Greylady’s Hearth, has been composing posts lately that focus on a blend of Tarot and runes, to lovely effect. I decided to try this combo out for myself, using my hand-made runes and my Vikings Tarot deck. I drew the rune first, asking for a general, predominant energy in my life right now. Then I drew a card asking about the best way to engage this energy. The results were very interesting!

Rune: Kenaz

Kenaz is connected to the element of fire, and signifies a door opening up to new things. This is a rune of energy, power and movement; troubles ease and creativity gathers momentum. The force that gathers with this rune is not erratic but controlled and purposeful. This is energy that has the potential to get things done. I envision this as a fire that builds and expands within until it bursts forth from its vessel and illuminates the path forward, like the Hermit’s lantern.

Vikings Tarot/Lo Scarabeo

Tarot: Knight of Wands

This card features the giant Hrungnir astride his horse Gullfaxi. Hrungnir was rather boastful and had a competition with Odin and Sleipnir to see whose mount was faster (Sleipnir won; apparently there is nothing faster than the wind!). Odin invited Hrungnir to Asgard to hang out, where he drank too much ale and started tossing threats around. Thor decided to put him in his place, and slew him with Mjöllnir (Thor’s souvenir was a shard of Hrungnir’s whetstone lodged in his head).  This card, like Kenaz, is associated with fire, creativity and movement, and I love that this energy is mirrored between the rune and Tarot. There can be no doubt that this Knight is ready for an adventure. Both Kenaz and the Knight of Wands symbolize energy in motion, and positive developments. Kenaz, in the image I posted, does appear very much like a door opening, and the Knight appears to ride forth from the mouth of the rune, ready to carry this heated torch forward to explore new worlds.

There is certainly movement in my life at present, and travel is in the forecast for the next month or two. The Knight of Wands is encouraging me to embrace the new forces unfolding around and before me, to open myself to new insights, opportunities and possibilities that Kenaz brings, and to see where it takes me. I’m game!